Warm ups and activities for students

Teaching English should not be limited to a certain syllabus that might cause boredom to the students , it should include games and fun activities that would certainly enhance their willingness to learn the language.

This research tries is to find out the effectiveness of using warm up activity in language classroom. It gives an introduction emphasizing on warm up activity has a number of benefits. Starting a class with a warm up activity may promote interest among students, set a friendly environment, increase students’ participation, attract their attention etc. In theoretical part, it covers details information about what is warm up, what are the principles of warm up activity and some examples of warm up activity. Most importantly, it tries to bring out the usefulness of warm up activity in the section why is warm up important by describing points: establish a relationship, motivation and warm up, attention and warm up, background knowledge and warm up, and lesson objective and warm up. A survey has conducted among some universities for this paper to find out whether warm up activity plays an important role in language classroom and whether it is useful for teachers and students in language teaching and learning. The result of the survey showed that it is helpful to use a warm up activity in language classroom. This paper concluded with some suggestions.

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